Throwback Pictures

It's been sad in Chinatown recently. I've been seeing my neighbors leaving left and right.

Here's some old school pictures from a lil over a year ago. It's the last day Moonhouse Restaurant was opened.

The businesses here in Chinatown are more than just the food and items we sell. Our shops are our homes and our neighbors are our family...

Me and my good friend Jeanie have been slaves to our businesses for many years. Monday evenings have historically been our Girls' Night. Our friends would come to her restaurant next door to CICF. I'd be able to sneak out of my shop for bits of my so called social life.

We'd bond over xiao long bow and rice cakes. (Quite notably some of the best food.) I have many memories of talking about the boys in or out of our lives. We'd celebrate new beginnings and engagements. And soothe broken hearts over ice cream.

Missing Moonhouse!