In 2009, two children were hit by a van who jumped the curb on East Broadway.I still remember the day they were hit.  I was at a press conference for a non profit that I had paritipcated in and all of the media left to cover the tragedy.  I remember feeling terrible when I found out what had happened because I drive pass that intersection on my way to work.

The driver that hit the two preschool children was not punished or even issued a parking ticket.  This outraged the community.  After the uproar in the community Hayley and Diego's Law was passed.

This new law closes a loophole in that allows a driver who has caused injury or death to avoid punishment. Under the amendment, "drivers who act in a manner that endangers or would be likely to endanger a pedestrian or cyclist thereby causing physical injury or death shall be guilty of a traffic infraction. Punishment could include a fine, a term of imprisonment of up to 15 days and/or the participation in a motor vehicle accident prevention course."

In an article in the Daily News, the Aunt tells the reporter that her sister is heartbroken that she has lost her only child.

Please be responsible while driving...