My Chinatown

"I'm third-generation [in Chinatown] – my grandfather came over when he was a child. So I know all about the changes."

Christina Seid knows how to turn something stinky into something sweet. The 28-year-old Chinatown local is co-owner of one of the 'hood's most popular destinations, the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, where they use durian, a notoriously foul-smelling fruit, to make one of their most popular tasty treats. Seid, who's been working at the ice cream shop since she was 12, is an unofficial ambassador for the bustling community. She is its most prolific advocate in the blogosphere, at, and on Twitter at ChinatownICF, as well as the author of a bilingual children's book, "Saturdays in Chinatown." "It's about a lot of community issues, which too often are not reported in English," she says. This is her Chinatown.