An Rong Photography

My friend An Rong came in today to take pictures of CICF. He's the next up and coming photographer. The guys is still only in college and is so talented and driven. I think he's going to be the next Corky Lee ( a famous Chinatown photographer).

An Rong was born and Chinatown and has strong ties to it. He still coaches baseball at PS 130 and is an alumni of CPC (Chinese American Planning Council).

The community inspires his photography projects. He knows the people and wants to tell their stories. He knows everyone from Wally over at Nam Wah to the 3rd graders at the local elementary schools.

When our pictures are done, I'll post them with his website(it's under construction).

I suggest you bid and buy his photos now because I believe they'll be worth a small fortune in the near future. =)