Chinatown, NYC

Chinatown is definitely my favorite place in NYC. I'm not only saying this for obvious reasons (such as we have the best ice cream) but because Chinatown has so much culture. It is always so lively, bustling with people.

Here, you can buy some of the best quality items for the cheapest prices. I will not buy my seafood, produce or meats anywhere else. Growing up, my father would always buy things fresh from Chinatown and cook them in our home in Queens. To this day, I still continue this tradition.

Chinatown also offers a variety of cusines. Some of the varieties are Cantonese, Shanghainese, Fujianese, Vietnamese, and Malaysian. Where else can you eat a delicious meal for about $5. That's even cheaper than fast food.

We also have museums, shopping, and our occasional festivals and parades. For more information you should check out

And by the way...whatever you do in Chinatown, make sure to save room for ice cream! =)