Chinatown Remedies for the Cold Weather

We've just been experiencing this front of cold weather and everyone has been coming down with something or other. I, myself have been feeling a little under the weather.

When I get sick, Dad usually buys some Ginseng and Chinese herbs. Chinese herbal treatments have been used for thousands of years so I'm sure that the stuff works. These can things can be found at the herb shop a few door down from us, in between us and 69 Restaurant. My friends Amy and Jason's family own the small shop. I love the fact that Chinatown is so community oriented and all the businesses are friends with one another.

NY Noodle Town, Wonton Garden, and Bo Ky Restaurant are all places I would go to get some soup to cure my winter blues. At all of these places, you can get an order of hot wonton noodle soup for less than the price of an order at McDonald's.

Although some feel that the winter is not the optimal time to eat ice cream, I beg to differ. I enjoy my ice cream the most during the winter!

Keep warm!