Creative Way to Serve a Dragon Fruit

396878_10100648939062766_399586379_n No, we are not serving dragons pieces of fruit! We are talking about dragon fruit, also known as pitaya! If you've ever wandered around Chinatown to see a gorgeous pink fruit with green leaves but thought twice about trying it, don't fret!

Dragon fruit is found in the tropical areas of Southeast Asia, Central and South America. The taste is bland in a good way and texture is almost kiwi like.

Here's a creative way to serve dragon fruit at your next party!

Step 1 - Wash! Step 2 - Slice in half. Step 3 - Carefully scoop out the fruit with a spoon. Step 4 - Cut into cubes and use the skin of the fruit as a serving bowl.

Your are now the envy of your friends. Enjoy!