Elizabeth Center, "EC" For Short

l If you grew up in New York City, you would know that there were no shopping malls to linger around in for hours with your friends. The closest was Manhattan Mall around 34th Street. If you grew up in Chinatown, the best thing you had to a shopping mall was Elizabeth Center. An underground mall with anything Asian and anything adorable, EC was a place to hide out when it was cold, cool off when it was hot, and bring your date there to buy the latest stuffed animal.

Recently, I went back to check out EC for old times sake and half the stores were vacant. The ones that are left are closing soon. Where do the kids hang out now? A childhood memory for me will soon fade and I encourage you to check it out before it is no longer there.

Elizabeth Center 13 Elizabeth Street Between Canal & Bayard

Let us know what goodies you find!