Fong In Too

This Chinatown business is celebrating its 75th year. Whoa...that is hella long! I thought that the CICF being here for its 30th year was a big deal but that blows us out of the water!

Founded by Eng Bing Sun in June 29th 1933 , orig. located at 43 Mott. They moved to their present location in early 60’s. It's been in the same family since the 1930's.

Fong In Too sells tofu both retail and wholesale. Retail and wholesale:include freshly made tofu, rice cakes, ho fun, rice noodles, soy milk (tofu fah,). All the restaurants I know of in Chinatown get their tofu from this neighborhood establishment.

There are 3 of the original owners sons running it now: David , Joe , Kivin. Joe is an ex NY police officer.

David is very an Asian American Advocate. He is extremely active in the Chinatown Community issues. His heart is in the fight to preserve Chinatown small business and culture.

Try the law bak gau. (Taro cake) That's my favorite to make at home in the morning.

Fong In Too, 46 Mott Street; (btw Bayard and Pell Streets)