Glasses and Contacts

I finally got my first pair of real glasses. I was actually surprised to find out that many of the opticals in Chinatown actually do accept insurance such as GHI.

I hear that the opticals down here have some of the best prices in the city and will get you in and out with the quickness. This goes in line with my theory that Chinatown offers the best prices for almost all goods.

I went to Mott Street Optical (located at the corner of Mott and Bayard). They actually have quite a selection of frames and brands. The optometrist that works there was very friendly and helpful. She recommended that I get a pair of reading glasses which has really opened up a new world of vision to me.

Because I am hoping to attract some smart boys who like smart girls; I grabbed the nerdiest frames I could find. So in the end, I wound up with a pair of Prada frames with the lenses and an eye exam for $245 (with my GHI).