Ho Ho Florist

I must have gotten flowers from here at least a dozen times. The flowers from this shop always take my breath away. Regardless, some might find this florist, a somewhat unusual place...

When you walk into the shop, you feel like you may be interrupting their Mah Jong game. The people here are always playing MJ or cards! The place smells like pleasant mix of cigars and roses.

This blog entry is by far not a negative review. I love the flowers here and I love that it is run by real people. In light of all the changes in Chinatown, it is so refreshing seeing a place like this! When on earth are you going to have a gentrified neighbor that's going to do your floral arrangement while puffing rings of smoke?

Ho Ho Florist is an old school Chinatown business where their shop is their home. They feel comfortable being who they are and hanging out with their friends. They have been here bringing beautiful flowers to Chinatown for as long as I can remember...


P.S. If you see my boyfriend, remind him he should be me flowers from this place!


NEW YORK, NY 10012