Mian Tian Sing Salon

My friend Gloria introduced me to this hidden treasure. It's a walk up so it doesn't have the fancy store front space. It's a blessing because they spare the costs that they would incur with a big space.

  • The hair cuts here are hella cheap. $18 bucks for hair cut wash and cut for long hair. Even in Chinatown, that is considered dirt cheap.

The hair cut and wash, includes a massage and styling. It's around 40


of bliss. The best part is that you walk out looking like a million bucks.

Since I work at


, I often have hat-hair or kerchief hair. If I have a date after work or I'm going somewhere nice with friends, I'll opt for a hair wash. Hair washes here include a scalp and shoulder massage, and styling. All for $12 bucks!





Bowery (


Bayard and Canal)