Shopping On Canal Street

Shopping on Canal Street is AWESOME! It's quite honestly one of my favorite places to shop.

Since I am a real foodie, I like to shop at Kam Man Supermarket. I like it not just for it's groceries, but they have a second level that sells beautiful Asian dishes. I really am a fan of Japanese plates and bowls. On the holidays and special occasions, I use these things instead of buying the traditional China.

Canal Street Shopping

As most people know, Canal Street is world famous for selling it's counterfeit bags. Here you can find your fakes for brands like LV, Chole, etc. Recently because the police have been giving vendors a hard time, you may have to request to look at these items because they are not left out in the open.

Even if you aren't a fan of fake bags or apparel, shopping on Canal street is pretty fun. My sister and I are all about getting good deals. You can buy real silver jewlery or costume jewlery and accessories for a fraction of what you would pay at the malls.

Fun things that my sister and I have bought off Canal recently are headbands, pashmina wraps and silver earrings.

The jewlery stores on Canal are also some of the cheapest places to buy gold. For my past birthday, my dad bought me a beautiful 24K necklace from Golden Jade Jewlery.

Note about bargaining on Canal Street: It is acceptable to try to bargain in moderation and with class. If someone is asking for $25 for a handbag, don't expect to get it for $5. Although everyone wants a bargain, these people are also trying to make a living.