Sinotique Moves To Brooklyn

Jan Lee's Facebook status today was

Jan Lee well, it's official, in less than a week I will be closing Sinotique at the Mott St. location and moving it to DUMBO Brooklyn. a new and different Sinotique will reopen in my Brooklyn location at a later date My former space will be converted into an sales office for a health insurance company. Looking forward to having a single location for a change.

Seeing this, I had to email him. OMG, this is really sad. Times are tough in NYC and Chinatown has been hit especially hard.

Sinotique isn't just about the furniture they sell/rent. Jan Lee's family is one of the oldest in Chinatown. They have owned businesses and have been very active in the community.

Chinatown is changing. Businesses are dying out and my neighbors are moving. =(
*Jan was also part of my NPR segment on the effects of 9-11 on Chinatown*

We will miss Sinotique...