The Shoe Man

For any of us that have walked by Columbus Park, know the "Shoe Man". � He is the person who sits on the corner that repairs shoes. � He has finally moved locations after 26 years! � I walked by and saw the sign in the picture above.

I wonder what caused him to move! � Email me if you know the scoop. � I have gone to him for many years. � I never understood why he did it for so cheap because it just seemed so labor intensive. � He has often reheeled my boots and such for something like $2 or $3. � That is dirt cheap! �

I always did feel that he did do it as a labor of love. � He always seems very happy with what he's doing although it is tedious. � The Shoe Man is also very inventive, having two phone numbers. � This is because his English isn't very good and doesn't want to lose business. � What an ingenious idea!�

He will now be on 221 Grand Street and Elizabeth Street. � I'm glad he just moved and didn't retire!



646-434-9360 (Chinese)
646-434-9352 (English)