Late Night Grub in Chinatown - 4 Places to Eat After Midnight

wonton-noodle-soup After a night out in the town, most New Yorkers usually want to eat a meal before heading home. If you're not near the Chinatown area, these restaurants are worth traveling for. Check them out!

1. Great NY Noodletown at 28 Bowery Street - Opened until 4am daily (All of their congee is amazing)

2. New Wo Hop at 17 Mott Street - Opened until 7am daily (Surprisingly, the seafood here is fantastic. Try their jumping shrimp or snails!)

3. 69 Chinese Restaurant at 69 Bayard Street - Opened until 4am daily (Fried chicken wings are a default here.)

4. Hop Kee at 21 Mott Street - Opened until 1am on weekdays and 4am on the weekends. (Try the Cantonese crab with brown sauce)

Enjoy! Let us know if you discover another late night Chinatown restaurant!