Two-Story Hot Pot Restaurant in Chinatown

unnamed-3 If you're a hot pot fan like I am, grab a bunch of friends and head to Chinatown's new 99 Favor Taste! The fresh meat, vegetable, and seafood are unlimited for $21.99, but if you like Korean BBQ, that's available too for 5 dollars more. The grill and pot are in the center of the table so you and your friends can have fun cooking your own food.

Last week, my friends and I went for the first time to celebrate two birthdays. The service was fantastic, very personalized, and we sat in a semi-private room in the mezzanine level.


99 Favor Taste LES 285 Grand Street 646) 682-9122 Take the D train to Grand Street Opened from noon to 1AM daily


Reservations are available and so are semi-private rooms, giving you and your loved ones a designated space to celebrate any event! Check out their Facebook page here.