Chinatown Fair (CF) is coming to an end.

CF will be busy tonight as it is rumored that they will be closing this Monday.

A lot of us will miss CF.  I have many childhood memories here.  I remember playing the Magical Drop.  That was my game.  I kicked butt many times!  There also used to be lots of sticker pictures on the photo booth of me and my friends. As kids, we didn't have much to do except sit outside on the neighboring steps and hang out here.

There are mixed feelings from the neighborhood about whether or not they will miss it.  Some people feel that CF is an "eyesore" for the community.  The arcade tends to attract a troublesome crowd and many truants.  I have to admit that after taking this picture for my blog, I felt that this had become true.

What will become of CF?

If they cannot renew their lease, they will either close or move to Brooklyn.