I read this headline off of my fellow blogger the Angry Asian Man "oops. turns out it was just duck meat, not dog meat. In short, our Chinatown's East Broadway Dak Cheong Meat Market was falsely accused of selling dog meat by Minnesota journalists. Minnesota's WCCO is an affiliate station of CBS.

So WCCO sent a hidden camera to the Dak Cheong Meat Market, inquiring if the address housed a pet store. When the undercover crew was unable to find any evidence of a pet operation there, Schugel decided to call up the meat market and ask them pointblank if they sold dog meat. And this is where things got interesting.

Schugel asked someone at Dak Cheong if the store sold dog and the person on the other end of the phone matter-of-factly answered "Yeah, we sell dog."

"Dogs for people to eat?" Schugel asked.

"Um, yeah. We sell many kinds of meat."

Schugel asked the person to clarify his answer: "He told us that he does not sell dogs for pets," Schugel told viewers in his "I-Team" report on Monday, "he only sells them for food."

SOOOO turns out the journalist heard wrong; possibly because he wanted to believe this so he could have a story.  The man actually said DUCK MEAT instead of DOG MEAT.

This post from the Angry Asian Man has made me an Angry Asian Girl.  Don't these people do fact checks? WTF! I am 3rd generation Chinatown NYer and I have never heard of any of our markets selling dog meat.  I also do not know anyone who eats dog meat.

NYC, and Chinatown particularly has been affected by a rough economy.  Hardworking businesses don't need this negative publicity.

Tomorrow, I will go to Dak Cheong to buy some DUCK MEAT, or possibly CHICKEN!!