• Mott Street, New York, New York 10013
  • Like NYC Taste of Chinatown? Help us to bring it back! To donate: Tweet it: a volunteering team, we need to raise funds to make it happens. As the the NYC Taste of Chinatown ceased 5 years ago, the most welcomed, long awaited event disappeared as the required funding for the ExploreChinatown campaign was gone. With the newly Chinatown BID developed, the funding goes straight to Clean Street improvements and no major recreation campaign can happen.


    With disappointment from the community organizations and lack of commitment, there is no foresee recreation and marketing program that can bring large sum of foot traffic to promote the area. Slowly, NYC Chinatown is turning to a rusted gem.

    Uniquely comprised of many small businesses, the neighborhood needs to bring back tourists to spend and enjoy in the area before it turns to a dead city, as well as the locals to help support and restore the unique culture.

    For The Event Comers:

    - sample tasting delicious food plates offered by 50+ restaurants - shop at unique stores in discounted price - enjoy cultural performance and hip entertainments - get to know the uniqueness of NYC Chinatown and be excited about it.

    The funds is to pay for the necessary permit fees to varies agencies (for street closure, sound permits, food permits, Vendor licenses, etc), equipment and tools, tents, tables & chairs rentals, wagon stage, security, sanitation & trash removal, website building, promotional materials and collateral, decorations, operating expenses and so on.

    What You Get

    We welcome you to join our event and help with the neighborhood. We also seek all kinds of sponsorship in varies level. In return of your generous support, we offer the perks as your pledge level mentioned on Fundraising Page.

    Since we aim to host the event in April, should the governmental permits not to be obtained in time, the event will be pushed to October 2013. Your perks estimated delivery dates will depends on the actual event date, and we will keep updating the fund drive.

    The Impact

    This is a non-profit event that helps to promote the greatness of NYC Chinatown to the world. Also for non-regulars, locals and tourists to experience the uniqueness of the neighborhood can offer. Your contribution makes a major difference for us to accomplish the goal, and your love & trust provide us confidence to make it surely happens.

    Other Ways You Can Help

    Should it be difficult for you to contribute in monetary terms, you may still help to:

    - Be a volunteer for the event date (please provide your email and contact info) - Send this to contacts and companies you may know who may sponsor this campaign - Share & Tweet it!

    Thank You!

    We appreciate you giving the time and attention you already have to read about this project. Every little bit helps. Thanks!