The Chinese New Year is right around the corner!  This is the year of the snake. Simply put; Chinese culture emphasizes wealth, happiness and good fortune.  We are a happy people!


Things to do for Chinese New Year:

Clean up your home before the New Year.  It is bad luck to clean your home during the New Year because you will sweep away your luck.

Get a hair cut before the New Year.  This is one of the busiest times of the year for Chinese salons.

Buy oranges.  Oranges are a sign of prosperity.  You should keep some at home for good feng sui and bring some to friends and family wishing them the same.

Buy gifts for family and friends.  Gifts can include alcohol, tea, fruit, flowers, and sweets.  Try to buy things that are colored red, gold pink which are colors of luck and wealth rather than white and black which means death in Chinese culture.

Get your red envelopes ready.  Red envelopes are for money.  People who are married are supposed to give it to children or people who are not yet married.  The more money you give, the more luck and wealth you will have in the coming year.

Decorate your home and business with New Year decorations.  These include red Chinese scrolls and lanterns.

Attend the New Year Parade.  Lion dances and fireworks are all part of the festivities!

Have a big dinner with family and/or friends.  Whether you cook at home or go out to a traditional Chinese restaurant.  Eat fish, dumplings and some nian gao (Chinese cake).  Like Christmas and all other big holidays, the New Year is about being with the people important to them.