The Chinatown BID

Where people stand on the Chinatown BID (Business Improvement District) has been a very touchy subject over the past years. One of my community friends calls the BID, "Chinatown's 3 letter dirty word". The issue has really divided the community a lot more than I would like.

BIDs are supposed to provide communities with funding from the government that bring security, clean streets and business. Hearing this, of course initially I was in favor as well.  Money for our community and all of these good programs; how could someone not want this?

The idea of a BID in Chinatown is great, but the topic of debate is more about the implementation and who will be running the program. There have also been concern because there have been areas in NYC where BIDs have been implemented and it has had adverse affects on the community. Once implemented, it cannot be taken back.

I know people on both sides of the issue. I would love to believe that this program has no flaws, but its hard when there has actually been a community coalition against the BID formed.

Then on the other hand, the community board has voted 6 for and 1 against the BID.  At this point, I'm staying neutral. I decided to instead give links to more articles so my blog readers can form their own opinions.

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