Winnie's is the only bar in Chinatown that I had never been to.

I had been dying to go since it's been part of Chinatown for forever and a day.  This bar has been written up time and time again and I have felt so behind on the scene.

My friend Rosie took me here on a girl date for lychee martinis.  Oh so yummy, but oh so strong!  For a bit of a dive bar, each of these drinks will run you $10 each, but whoa do they pack a pop!

Winnie's is definitely more or a neighborhood bar; kinda like Cheers.  There's nothing fancy about the place but it seems cozy because everyone knows each other.

Next time, I  have to try their Hawaiian Punch which I heard will knock you out after one drink.

Another plus is that there is karaoke here for those of us who like to sing after a few drinks!