I've been on a Wo Hop binge.  I think it has recently become one of my favorite restaurants.

In this picture, I am chowing down to the follow dishes:  (1) Snails in Black Bean Sauce (2) Crabs Cantonese Style and (3) Conch. My beau tells me I'm a beast when I eat.  I can't help it.!  The food here is that good!

Eating these three dishes which were huge, came out to around $45.  After eating a dinner for two, we still had enough to bring home for both of us to eat for lunch the next day.  What a deal!

Just to clarify there are two Wo Hops.  There is the ground level one and the one that is a walk down.  Both are good for different reasons but they are not the same restaurant.

WO HOP (Ground Level)

17 Mott Street

New York, NY