Vanessa's Dumpling House

I've been hearing a lot of hype about Vanessa's Dumpling House. They were recently rated as one of the best dumpling houses in NYC by Time Out NY this year.

I finally had the chance to try them out and yes, they are OH-so GOOD! I like how they offer the option of boiled or fried dumplings. I, personally am not a huge fan of fried dumplings. Their Basil and Chicken Boiled Dumplings are rocking! They will only run you $3.75 for 8 pieces and it'll come in a soup for only $4. That is a serious bargain.

Other yummy goodness that you check out here are the Chive and Egg Pancake and the Noodles with Mashed Sesame Sauce.

If you love the dumplings here as much as I do, you can take them home frozen. A bag of 50 dumplings will run you somewhere between $9-$14 (depending on the variety).

To confirm, the dumplings here are definitely among the top that I've tasted.

NEW YORK, NY 10002

The Old Music Palace

The old Music Palace used to sit on the corner of the Bowery and Hester. It was the last of the few Chinatown movie theaters. It closed down sometime between the years 1999-2000. At this time, it was supposed to have been taken over for a commercial project that never fell through.

The space has been vacant for a very long time. Recently, construction for a new hotel has been under way. I think it will be good to give life to this space.

Milk And Honey

I've been hearing about Milk and Honey for the longest time. When I heard about this secret location , I knew it would be in Chinatown/LES.

So for those of you who don't know about M & H; it's very exclusive to get into. At one point, you had to know someone who knew the phone number to get reservations and find out where it is.

I'm going to blow their cover and tell you that they are located on Eldridge right off Delancy. Someone invited me and made reservations. It was well worth the walk over there.

The feel of the place is that of an old school speakeasy. Their mixologists here are top notch. M&H doesn't have a menu. Instead of having staple drinks, they will mix up anything that you fancy with a bit of a spin to it. I was dreaming of something sweet with fruits. They came up with something that tasted a bit like a white grape mojito with whole pieces of fruit. DELISH!


Christmas At Hamilton Madison House

CICF donated new toys and served as a drop off point for Hamilton Madison House (HMH) this year. My friend Cynthia Lin was also kinda enough to donate baked goods for the occasion. She also served as my elf. There was also a dancing reindeer who knew how to play the violin that I brought all the way from the North Pole!

According to Thea, I am the first Chinese girl Santa in the history of HMH. This is wack considering it is Chinatown. Glad I broke down that barrier...

A definite Christmas success!

Ming's Caffe

Whenever I take the F train, I pass by Ming's Caffe. I never had the chance to try their food until today.

The decor is cute and homey. You can watch Chinese comedies while enjoying a good meal. I got the spaghetti with pork chops and tomatoes. So HK and totally YUM! One friend got the Spam and eggs over rice. My other friend got the tripe. The herbal tea is also a healthy alternative to soda.

Now that the weather is so cold, I don't want to step out. It's really great that they do deliver. I'll definitely have to try some other things on their menu!

(Please note: the spelling of the restaurant is CAFFE instead of CAFE when looking it up)

28 Canal Street
FREE Delivery